Lipectomy, Abdominoplasty or Abdominal Dermolipectomy


Also known as tummy tuck, this procedure seeks to repair the effects left by pregnancy on the abdominal wall. It some cases, it requires closing the diastasis recti (abdominal separation), repairing minor hernial defects, removing excess of skin and stretch marks. All of these are the effects of pregnancy. In this procedure, the scar tissue can be removed or extended, depending on how loose and damaged the skin is. It frequently comprises also a fat removal to have better body aesthetic results.
Other candidates for this type of procedure are those who have lost an important amount of weight by diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. Also, those who have undergone abdominal surgery that left sever scar tissue, as after a peritonitis, are fit for this procedure. The results get better and better month after month and are usually combined with the use of laser therapy for diminishing the appearance of any scar tissue.