Brow Lift


This procedure, also called Forehead lift or Browplasty, can be performed endoscopically or via incision. They are designed to reduce wrinkles, improve frown lines and glabella (the space between the eyebrows) and lower or asymmetrical position of the eyebrows. (With well-placed eyebrows we can change the sings of facial aging.) The technique used in this procedure is minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in order to avoid visible scars. This procedure obtains a mild-to-moderate lift of the eyebrows, placing them in an alert and youthful position. It also corrects the muscles on the nasal bridge and the frown lines. The other technique is via incision. It is a wider approach on the scalp, and it is designed for patients with severe sagging brows and very deep frown lines.



Quick recovery
Medical leave of three to four days
Minimum inflammation
Long-lasting results (ranging from 7 to 10 years)